Have you ever felt that you’re not happy about some or all aspects of your life but you’re not sure why? Have you ever been told that you should be happy with what you have in your life but you’re not? Do you feel like you’re constantly working towards being happy but it feels like you’ll never get there? Do you feel out of balance and invalidated in some aspects of your life?

If so, congratulations! You’re a Happiness Seeker!


Hello! I’m Wendy Fung, a Happiness Life Coach who has worked with hundred of clients to help them live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives. It is my vision to incorporate everything I’ve learned in my personal and professional life to help YOU BE SPIRITUALLY HAPPY in all aspects of your life!

You can
aspects of your life.

You can have the answers
and the happiness
you seek from within yourself.

You can take steps to
move toward your own
Spiritual Happiness.

Because Spiritual Happiness is your Birthright.

Through the process of intuitive communication, energy meditation, and self-validation, you can begin to take steps toward your own Spiritual Happiness. In addition, you will benefit in your Personal Growth, Awareness, Understanding, Amusement and Abundance.

Life is an exciting adventure and a continuous journey of reinvention. The most important first step is to recognize that you CAN and DESERVE to be Spiritually Happy no matter where you are in your life right now.

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"Wendy is an extraordinarily gifted healer. She has given me the opportunity to have an excellent quality of life. Her work is comforting and she makes me feel better physically, emotionally and mentally. She is like a human Vitamin! I am truly blessed that God put Wendy into my life. She honors me with her practical wisdom and empathy."

- Timna Pilch, Coach/Teacher, San Pedro, CA 

“You cannot find happiness. You ARE happiness.
You just need to validate it within you.”